I don’t know if I’ve told you yet, but My Grandma passed away on Monday morning, and, since I have awesome sisters, I was able to visit My Grandma on Sunday evening. There’s only one thing. That wasn’t My Grandma. Let me tell you a little bit about My Grandma.

My Grandma had this house in Fond du Lac that was huge and amazing. One of my cousins describes it as the “castle house” and it’s a fitti

ng name, with towers, giant staircases and TONS of rooms and space. The first thing you see when you pull into the gravel driveway is a row of station wagons – each with seats in the trunk that I and at least a few of the other grandchildren fought to sit in. Walk through the back door and up the staircase and you’re greeted by the kitchen. Why do I remember the kitchen? The best cereals were always on the bottom shelf where we could reach: Cocoa Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other favorites of ours. Glance to the left and you notice the many packages of wafer cookies (I don’t know the actual name): strawberry, orange, chocolate and others. All just for us and just sitting out there waiting for us to devour them.

As you leave the kitchen you come to the dining room, though I don’t ever recall eating in there. What I remember is that is the table and room where My Grandma taught me to play cards: solitaire, Pyramid, Kings Corners (not King’s Reverse, Chip…), Golf, Cribbage, and a bunch of others I don’t remember off the top of my head. We would sit and play for what felt like hours to me. I remember we were playing one game (no idea which) where I played a card, and her response was “O Horsefeathers.” To which I of course responded “What does ‘Horsefeathers’ mean?” She didn’t even miss a beat and said “It means you hold your breath until a horse grows feathers.” I think I told that one to everyone in my class before I figured out that doesn’t actually happen.

Go a little further down the hallway and you come to the living room with the fireplace. The fire was warm and a fantastic place to stand even if you weren’t cold. This room is where many (most?) of the grandkids took a nap on and with Grandpa. This is the room I was in when I decided I wasn’t going to go Trick or Treating anymore…because I was watching the Packers-Lions game that year with My Grandma. One other random memory from this room – My Grandma watching Wimbledon and cheering for some Spanish lady name Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario. (Odd memory!)

Go through the living room out the door and up the huge staircase. In the mornings, this staircase was lit by a huge window with the glass placed in such a way that there were little rainbows all over the stairs. Upstairs were the bedrooms (Jon’s room, guest room, Grandma & Grandpa’s room, the Train Room) and the library. What was in the library? None other than the Atari. I wasted lots of time on whatever the racing game was that came with it (I always hit those darn oil slicks!). I remember constantly watching the same shows with my cousins and sisters: Pound Puppies, Rainbow Brite, Land Before Time (the 1st one) and I’m sure many others. Go a little further down the upstairs hallway and come to the laundry chute. We grandkids threw ALL kinds of stuff down the chute – videos, games, army men. I bet it made doing laundry that much more fun!

Why a house? I thought we were talking about Grandma… When I think of Grandma, I think of that house: all the memories of Packer games, card games, gathering around the piano to practice singing and singing Christmas Carols, staying overnight, playing with Lincoln Logs and the Atari, watching movies and eating junk food and being a kid. There was always lots of love in that house, and it’s there because of two people – My Grandma and My Grandpa. So THIS is what I remember when I think about My Grandma.

I have just one confession to make. I said that My Grandma in that hospital room isn’t the Grandma I’ll remember. As I got ready to leave and said “Good-bye Grandma! I love you!” she opened her eyes and looked directly at me, and once again I was in the dining room playing cards and learning about “Horsefeathers.”

“I love you too.”

THAT’S My Grandma.

Isaiah 25:8 – He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces;

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