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So here we are on New Year’s Eve, getting ready to enter 2013. When I first started writing this post, it was a little down and thinking about all the things I don’t have – house, significant other, etc etc – but then as I started going through what’s happened the last year…I started feeling a 2012 Top 10 8  (because I couldn’t think of 10) coming on…so that’s what I’ll do!

8. Dad Moving

This finally happened after almost 18 months of trying to sell his house. It was just him in a huge 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath house, with a bunch of bad memories of a failed marriage, and regrets. Also, it gave me a chance to work with and hang out with him, and that’s always something I enjoy. We moved him into a 2 bed/1bath apartment, and he coudn’t be happier. It takes less time for him to clean, he has himself an “office” and it’s not NEARLY as expensive as his mortgage. He was down for a bit I think with the mortgage + using 401k + school + losing his job, but I think he’s on a track that’s really exciting for him. All this is rolled into why Dad Moving is #8.

7. Grandma’s Passing

[Wait, what? Why is this on here? What kind of sad, morbid person are you? Shutup self! ]

It may seem odd to put this as #7 on my list, but hear me out. Grandma had been in a lot of pain over the year that I knew about, and I”m glad she no longer has to suffer that. Also, it gave me a chance to write a post about her on Facebook that I’ve copied to this blog, and I am super-proud of how it turned out. I heard a lot from family and friends about how they got a glimpse into her life, and not just a sad posting. And lastly, It brought all us Tesches together, and pretty much everyone got to say goodbye to her before she passed away. I think if someone were to go out, being surrounded by family would be one of the better ways to go.

6. Family Holidays

Between birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, these days are just filled with large amounts of giggling, laugh-crying, silent laughing, and just general silliness. They are just a great time to get together with the whole family or immediate family, and just be ourselves. LOVE this time of year for that.

5. Worship Arts Coordinator

After getting a new screen and projector system installed at Eastside Lutheran Church, we needed someone to start, manage, and run a team of people to use it for each service. I think I initally took this position because it seemed the most natural transition (since I was involved in the installation) but it turned into something I really love doing. I recently did the services for Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving, December 16th, Children’s Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Dec 30, and New Year’s Eve. I loved it. I think towards the end with being out of town and all it became a little much, but man was it fun to put the services together, and find backgrounds and movies, to add a little emphasis to what’s really important – God’s Word. Really looking forward to what 2013 is going to bring for the Projector Team!

4. Brewers Trip to Kansas City

This was the annual baseball trip that I go on with Scott, Travis and Greg. In 2011, we went to Boston, so when we decided to go to Kansas City, it was a little disappointing. A little…”meh”. But I was really wrong. From all the barbecue places we went to, to the random restaurant near our hotel we went to (with ginormous margaritas), to going to the Negro Leagues museum to the Light District, it was really, really cool. It just goes to show you that every city has something cool to visit! Looking forward to deciding where we go this year – DC, Chicago/St Louis, San Diego, Philadelphia – so many to choose from and all would be really cool to visit.

3. Greg’s Wedding

My buddy Greg got married in October…in Cleveland. I’d never been to Cleveland before, so it was a lot of fun. From the road trip down there with Travis and Jenna, to the cool restaurants we went as part of the bridal party to just hanging out with the everyone at the bars and hotel room, etc. Oh, and my buddy got freakin’ MARRIED to the love of his life. Their story is really cool, and I encourage you to read through it!

2. Cabining

Always one of my favorite things of the year is when I get together with a whole mess of people from Fox Valley Lutheran High School (my graduating class of 2001). This year was the first year we decided to rent a cabin vs. camping. I can go either way, but people really seemed to enjoy the ability to either go outside or to stay in the air conditioning when they felt like it. I have to say I was a fan of sleeping in a bed, not packing a giant tent, and of course our TWO fridges – which ended up being the Food Fridge and the Booze Fridge. As I said, always a good time, and I know I look forward to it every year. Who else can say they get together with 15 of their closest friends from high school!? I love and cherish all the time I spend with them, and glad they indulge me on being a sentimental sap 🙂

1. Summer

OK, so this is a little bit of a cop-out, because summer is easily my favorite season of the year. Not only does it involve the Cabining and Baseball trips, but everything just seems so relaxed. The weather is warm, you can sit out on your porch with a cigar, people always going on vacations – everything just seems more laid back and relaxed. Being outside is awesome [even if I am outside…with a phone/laptop/tablet]. I make sure never to complain about how hot it is, because I ALWAYS complain when it’s cold. Summer = love.

So, this was way more fun than what I had started out writing, and hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a full Top 10 list for 2013.

What are your Top 10(ish) memories from 2012?

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